Bebe Clement, MD bebeclement.com

Freddie set out to restore my faith in web designers as I had previously had a bad experience with one that set my business back. He restored my faith and more!

He gave me a very short time scale within which he would get the web designed and accomplished it! He understood what I wanted, but more importantly knew what I needed and gave me excellent suggestions along the way to produce a website that constantly has clients commenting positively, which is great for business.

He was very accomodating and nothing was too much for him to do. His level of customer service was excellent.

He is in the process of designing another website for me. I have and will continue to recommend him to others.

Garry Todd Quotemelow.com

Just what my business has needed! Many thanks to Freddie of Webberdoo for creating CJ Website Pro, this software has speeded up the building of my Niche Product websites ten fold. With easy installation and fast, product integration this software works seamlesly with Commission Junction and is a must for any shopping / niche website. Adding 1000's of products was easy and fast. The learning curve to use CJ Website Pro is quick and any early queries I had were sorted quickly and nothing left to chance by Freddie. Many thanks Webberdoo and keep up the great work!